Host-Pathogen Interaction Laboratory
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Current Technicians

Dr. Uzonna is not recruiting new Technicians currently.
Ping Jia After   obtaining   a   Bachelor's   Degree   in   Medicine   at   University   of   Guiyang   in   China,   Ping   worked   in   the   Department of   Gynaecopathia   in   the   Woman   and   Children's   hospital   in   Guiyang,   China   for   3   years.   Pings   Career   took   her   to the   department   of   Newborn   Intensive   Care   Unit   (NICU)   where   she   worked   for   fifteen   years   before   joining   the Uzonna   lab   as   a   Research   Technician/Laboratory   Manager   in   2006.   In   her   spare   time   she,   likes   to   shop,   cook   and work out. Degree: Bachelor of Medicine Year Started: 2006 Email:
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