Host-Pathogen Interaction Laboratory
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Visiting Scholars

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Jintao Li Jintao   completed   her   Ph.D.   in   2003   from   Institute   of   Immunology   -   Third   Medical   University.   She   is   the principle   investigator   and   also   professor   of   viral   immunology   in   Institute   of   Immunology   -   Third   Medical University,   China   since   2005.   She   was   a   visiting   scholar   in   Dr.   Uzonna’s   lab   in   the   Department   of   Immunology –   University   of   Manitoba,   from   2011   to   2012.   Her   research   interest   mainly   focuses   on   two   aspects:   vaccine design   and   host-pathogen   interaction.   Her   work   in   Uzzona’s   lab   was   to   explore   the   prolactin   inducible   protein function   in   infection   immune   response   and   to   identify   the   protective   immune   response   to   a   novel   cloned gene   in   leishmaniasis.   Jintao   enjoys   watching   movies   and   TV   series,   reading   novels,   dancing,   swimming   and making friends all over the world. Degree: Ph.D. Year Started: 2011 Year Completed: 2013 Current Position: Professor, China
Guilian Xu Guilian   completed   her   PhD   degree   in   Immunology   in   2001   in   Third   Military   Medical   University   in   China.   Her PhD   work   mainly   focused   on   understanding   the   mechanism   involved   in   the   anergy   of   T   cells   induced   by superantigens.   As   a   visiting   researcher,   she   worked   at   Dr.   Jude   Uzonna's   Laboratory   from   2005   to   2007,   where her   research   project   mainly   was   focused   on   modulation   of   LIGHT-LTbR/HVEM   to   Leishmaniasis.   Guilian   is currently   a   faculty   in   the   department   of   Immunology   in   Third   Military   Medical   University   in      China   and   her project is focused on understanding the effect of complement components on T cells immune response. Degree: MD, Ph.D. Year admitted: 2007 Year Graduated: 2009 Current Position: Professor, China