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PostDoctoral Fellows

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Xiaoling Gao Degree: Ph.D. Year Started: 2013 Year Completed: 2014 Current Position: Scientist, MRC Ottawa
Rani Singh Rani    did    her    PhD    in    Botany    with    specialization    in    Ethnobotany/    Ethnomedicine    in    2010    from    Mumbai      University,   India.   In   parallel,   she   also   worked   as   a   Lecturer   in   Biotechnology   and   Botany   at      the   B.N   Bandodkar College   of   Science,   and   Smt.   Chandibai   Himathmal   Mansukhani   (CHM)   College   (both      affiliated   to   Mumbai University,   India).   Rani   joined   the   Uzonna   laboratory   as   a   postdoc   where   she   studied   the   molecular      signaling basis   of   Trypanosoma   infection   that   leads   to   either   resistance   or   susceptibility   in   murine   models   (Feb   2011- Feb   2013).      Rani   then   joined   the   Forsyth   Institute   (Harvard   School   of   Dental   Medicine),   Cambridge,   MA,   USA   to continue her postdoctoral training in Immunology. Degree: Ph.D. Year Started: 2011 Year Completed: 2013 Current Position: PDF, Harvard Medical School
Dong Liu Degree: Ph.D. Year Started: 2011 Year Completed: 2012 Current Position: PDF, Yale University
Zhirong Mou Zhirong   graduated   with   her   Ph.D   degree   in   China.   Her   Ph.D   work   mainly   focused   on   understanding   the mechanism   involved   in   the   differentiation   of   leukemia   cells   induced   with   all-trans   retinoic   acid   by   proteomic approach.   After   her   graduation,   she   was   interested   in   identifying   disease-associated   antigens   by   2D-Western blotting   with   patient   sera.She   was   a   postdoctoral   fellow   in   Uzonna'   lab,   and   worked   on   identifying   natural MHC II binding peptides from Leishmania. Degree: B.Sc., M.Sc., MD, Ph.D. Year Started: 2009 Year Completed: 2013 Current Position: Research Associate University of Manitoba
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