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University of Manitoba - Faculty of Health Sciences News (Fall 2015) “In   an   article   published   in   Science   Translational Medicine,    Dr.    Jude    Uzonna    and    his    research team    have    isolated    an    antigen    that    boosts immunity against Leishmaniasis.” “This    research    is    an    incredible    breakthrough that    has    the    potential    to    protect    millions    of people   around   the   world   and   save   lives,”   said Dr.    Digvir    Jayas,    University    of    Manitoba    vice- president     (research     and     international)     and Distinguished     Professor.     “This     study     shows, once     again,     how     the     innovative     research coming   out   of   the   U   of   M   is   making   a   positive impact globally.” “There   is   currently   no   clinically   effective   vaccine against    leishmaniasis.    We    identified    a    cross- species    antigen    called    PEPCK    that    induces    a robust    response    in    both    mice    and    humans,” says    Dr.    Uzonna,    Manitoba    Health    Research Chair        Professor        in        Immunology.        “Our vaccination     experiments     clearly     show     that PEPCK    is    an    important    vaccine    candidate    for cross-species protection against leishmaniasis.” “Our   study   rekindles   hope   for   the   potential   and real    possibility    of    developing    a    cross-species protective   vaccine   against   the   disease,”   says   Dr. Uzonna.   “It   also   provides   a   new   perspective   and approach       to       assessing       and       identifying mechanisms   of   immunity   against   leishmaniasis and    critical    new    information    that    could    help vaccine     designs     and     vaccination     strategies against the disease.” (Adopted   from   University   of   Manitoba   -   Faculty of Health Sciences online News section) Research Life - University of Manitoba, Volume 1 (Winter 2010) The Bulletin - Working on a vaccine for a deadly parasitic disease (18, Aug. 2005) 
Professor, Manitoba Health Research Chair Professor in Immunology, Department of Immunology, Department of Medical Microbiology, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, Max Rady College of Medicine, University of Manitoba.
Dr. Jude Uzonna Dr. Jude Uzonna

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