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2009 1 . Okwor,   I   and   Uzonna,   J.   2009.   Immunotherapy   as   a   strategy   for   treatment   of   leishmaniasis:   a   review   of the literature. Immunotherapy 1:765 . 2 . Liu,   D.,   Kebaier,   C.,   Pakpour,   N.,   Capul,   A.,   Beverley,   S.,   Scott,   P,   and   Uzonna,   J.   2009.   Leishmania   major   phosphoglycans   influence   the   host   early   immune   response   by   modulating   dendritic   cell   functions. Infect Immun 77(8):3272-83 . 3 . Okwor,   I.,   Liu,   D.,   Beverley,   S.,   and   Uzonna,   J.         2009.   Inoculation   of   killed   Leishmania   major   into   immune mice rapidly disrupts immunity to a secondary challenge via IL-10-mediated process. PNAS 106:13951 . 4 . Muleme,   H.,   Palfi,   A.,   Azinwi,   R.,   Beverley,   S.,   and   Uzonna,   J.E.   2009.   Infection   of   mice   with   arginase deficient   Leishmania   major    identifies   a   novel   role   of   parasite-derived   arginase   in   disease   pathogenesis independent of host immune response. J. Immunol. 183:8068-76 . 5 . Okwor,   I.,   Liu,   D.,   and   Uzonna,   J.E.   2009.   Qualitative   differences   in   the   early   immune   response   to   live and   killed   Leishmania   major:   Implications   for   vaccination   strategies   against   Leishmaniasis.   Vaccine 28;27(19):2554-62 . 6 . Okwor,   I.,   Muleme,   H.,   Jia,   P.,   and   Uzonna,   J.E.   2009.   Altered   proinflammatory   cytokine   production   and enhanced   resistance   to   Trypanosoma   congolense    infection   in   lymphotoxin   beta-deficient   mice.      J   Infect Dis. 1;200(3):361-9 . 7 . Okwor,    I    and    Uzonna,    J.    2009.    Status    of    vaccines    and    vaccination    strategies    against    cutaneous leishmaniasis. Hum Vacc  5(5):291-301 .
2008 1 . Li,   X.Y.,   Jin,   L.J.,   Uzonna,   J.E.,   Li,   S.Y.,   Liu,   J.J.,   Li,   H.Q.,   Lu,   Y.N.,   Zhen,   Y.H.,   Xu,   Y.P.   2008.   Chitosan-alginate microcapsules   for   oral   delivery   of   egg   yolk   immunoglobulin   (IgY):   In   vivo   evaluation   in   a   pig   model   of enteric colibacillosis. Vet Immunol Immunopathol 129:132 . 2 . Okwor,     I     and     Uzonna,     J.     2008.     Persistent     parasites     and     immunologic     memory     in     cutaneous leishmaniasis: implications for vaccine designs and vaccination strategies. Immunol Res 41:123-136 .
2007 1 . Xu   G.,   Liu,   D.,   Fan,   Y.,   Yang,   X,   Korner,   H.,   Fu,   YX   and   Uzonna,   J.   2007.   Lymphotoxin   alpha   beta   2 (membrane   lymphotoxin)   is   critically   important   for   resistance   to   Leishmania   major    infection   in   mice.   J Immunol. 179:6901-6909 . 2 . Xu   G.,   Liu,   D.,   Okwor,   I.,   Yang,   W.,   Korner,   H.,   Kung,   S.P.,   Fu,   YX.,   and   Uzonna,   J.      2007.   LIGHT   is   critical   for IL-12   production   by   dendritic   cells,   CD4 +    Th1   development   and   resistance   to   L.   major .   J.   Immunol. 179:5358-5366 .
2006 1 . Kebaier   C,   J.E.   Uzonna,   S.M.   Beverley,   and   P.   Scott.   2006.   Immunization   with   persistent   attenuated   Delta   lpg2   Leishmania   major    parasites   requires adjuvant to provide immunity in C57BL/6 mice. Infect Immun 74:777-780 . 2 . Strutt,   T.,   J.E.   Uzonna,   K.   McKinstry,   and   P.   Bretscher.   2006.   Activation   of   thymic   T   cells   by   MHC   alloantigens   requires   allo-MHC   bearing   B   cells.   Int Immunol. 18:719-728 .
2004 1 . Uzonna,   J.E.,   C.   Zaph,   and   P.   Scott.   2004.   Central   memory   T   cells   mediate   long-term   immunity   to   Leishmania   major   in   the   absence   of   persistent parasites. Nat Med 4: 1104-1110 . (C Zaph and J Uzonna contributed equally to this manuscript and are co-first authors). 2 . Uzonna,   J.E.,   K.   Joyce,   and   P.   Scott.   2004.   Low   dose   Leishmania   major    promotes   a   transient   Th2   response   that   is   downregulated   by   IFN- g -producing CD8+ T cells. J Exp Med. 199:1559-1566 . 3 . Uzonna,   J.E.,   G.   Spath,   S.M.   Beverley,   and   P.   Scott.   2004.   Vaccination   with   phosphoglycan-deficient   Leishmania   major    protects   highly   susceptible mice from virulent challenge without inducing a strong Th1 response. J. Immunol. 172:3793-3797 . 4 . Scott,   P.,   D   Artis,   J.   Uzonna,   and   C.   Zaph.   2004.   The   development   of   effector   and   memory   T   cells   in   cutaneous   Leishmaniasis:   the   implications   for vaccine development. Immunol Rev 201:318-338 .
2005 1 . Sweeney,   R.,   J.   Uzonna,   R.H.   Whitlock,   P.   Chilton,   and   P.   Scott.   2005.   Tissue   predilection   and   effect   of   dose   on   Mycobacterium   avium    subs. Paratuberculosis organism recovery in a bovine experimental infection model. Res Vet Sci. 80:253-259 .
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